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The AVEN store (aka AVEN online visibility store or Asexual Visibility Store) is an online Cafepress store which sells clothes and other products featuring a selection of asexuality or AVEN related designs.

It was first opened on March 21, 2004 by Bard of aven.[1] Shockwave and Ily ran the store for some time before the store became an officially endorsed part of AVEN, run by the Project Team. Currently, it is maintained by Mycroft is Yourcroft.

Popular designs include "53x+m³=Ø", "Asexuals Party Hardest", and the "Squares" shirt with some asexuals talking about Cthulhu. More recently some flag merchandise has been added to the store. Those interested in submitting new designs should check out the thread or contact a member of the Project Team.


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