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My name is David Jay (aka AVENguy) and I'm the the founder and webmaster of AVEN. I'm actively involved in visibility work and in maintaining the technical aspects of the site, feel free to drop me a line at webmaster@asexuality.org. I'm a sucker for anything related to relationships and nonsexual intimacy, visibility work and building AVEN as an organization, send me your thoughts if you have them. And check out my podcast, Love from the Asexual Underground.

Current Projects

Book Proposal

Sent the final draft off for copy edit. We've started hunting for a literary agent. If you know any literary agents let me know!

Donations tool

Implementing the AVEN donations tool.

Polyamory Outreach

I'm making overtures to the Polyamorous community. They share a lot in common with us and could potentially be great allies. I've already made a good contact at the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and am working on some of the main poly media venues, like Loving More and Polyamory Weekly (though Minx seems to think we're kind of sketch.)


I'm working with Trip to review new suggestions for the pamphlets and finalize the design.

Article for Ghosts

Upcoming Projects

Homepage updates

Can we get some links to the wiki?

New episode of Love from the Asexual Underground

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