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Annie's Mailbox, a column run in some newspapers in the US, included a letter written about asexuality in April 2006.

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Dear Annie:

When i read the letter from "No Sex for Me," I had to chime in. I am asexual. I was certain something was wrong with me for not wanting to be intimate with my boyfriend, whom I loved. But my nonexistent reactions to his physical overtures led to a painful and messy breakup. Today i am happily celibate and feel liberated. Instead of obsessing about men, I'm free to spend that energy becoming a contended women. The asexual community doesn't get much attention. The sexual society finds us puzzling. Often people will ask me if I've been sexually abused or have some sort of disorder that makes me "afraid" of sex. The answer is: Nothing's wrong with me, nor do i fear sex. I am simply not interested. Asexuals often have a long list of thing's they'd rather be doing while their friends are trolling the clubs looking for dates. People tell me I'll always be alone, but I am perfectly fine spending my life as a single women. Should I be fortunate enough to chance upon a man who accepts me as an asexual, I will count myself blessed. "No Sex's" husband may be asexual, but I hope she can continue to love him for who he is.
—Prattville, Ala.

Reply:Dear Prattville:

We're sure your letter made a lot of people feel better in their own skin.

Thanks for writing
—Annie's Mailbox.