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Goal: To create an easily downloadable and presentable video of the Asex 101 Lecture by combining the Asex 101 audio and powerpoint presentation. This would make a slick video that could be linked to from the site and used by campus groups and others.

How You Can Help: Drop me a line if you know how to use Flash or know of a program which easily merges powerpoint and audio!

Current Phase: Final audio editing before integrating.

Plan: Use a program such as Macromedia Flash to merge the audio for DJ's Asex 101 lecture with his powerpoint slides.

Key Contact(s): AVENguy

Other Contacts: Cacille

Need: People with Flash experience.

Documents/Links: Asex 101



Cerebrum uploaded the video in segments to YouTube. They can be accessed here.

Added this to the Project List. --AVENguy 04:45, 19 January 2007 (EST)