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Asexuality is an emerging identity, and is just beginning to become the topic of serious discussion in medical and psychological communities. There is very little understanding about the way that asexuality overlaps with existing medical and psychological conditions, and how the emergence of an asexual community could affect things like the treatment of Hyposexual Desire Disorder and Sexual Aversion Disorder.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Sexual Aversion Disorder and Hypoactive Sexual Desire are both alternative names for "inhibited sexual desire". Causes are listed including:

  • anxiety, depression, or fear
  • communication problems
  • deep-seated psychological problems
  • fatigue and stress
  • gynecologic disease or other sexual dysfunctions
  • having an unskilled or uncaring partner
  • prior history of sexual abuse

Some people who identify as asexual have experienced some of these causes. However, others have not, and many asexuals who have experienced a "cause" (such as marital strife, depression, or sexual abuse) claim to have already had no interest in sex before the onset of these problems.

Lack of sexual desire, especially in a person who has felt sexual desire in the past, can sometimes be a symptom of a more wide-ranging physiological condition, such as anemia, depression, diabetes, obesity in men, hemochromatosis, pituitary problems, or hyperprolactinaemia.[1][2] However, these physiological conditions tend to have other symptoms besides just a lack of interest in sex.

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