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Media in print form


Punk Planet

  • Punk Planet was a zine about the punk subculture, Issue #65 (January and February 2005) included a column called Early to Bed written by Searah Deysach, owner of a sex shop in Chicago. In it, she responded to a letter from someone who was questioning a person's asexual identity. Her response to the letter was very positive, and included information about asexuality as well as a link to AVEN.
  • Asexual Healing by Laine Bergeson in Utne magazine discusses this article in March/April 2005.

My Messy Bedroom

  • A column called "No sex please.." was published in March 2004 and featured interviews with various AVEN members. The original article is no longer available, see the relevant AVENwiki article.

The Times (2004)

CNN (2004)

New Scientist

  • On October 14th 2004, the New Scientist published an article called "Glad to be asexual", written by Sylvia Pagan Westphal.

The Guardian (2004)

Sydney Morning Herald (2004)

Sydney Star Observer

Anglican Media Sydney

  • "Western sex goes full-circle" is a briefing paper by Andrew Cameron and Tracy Gordon of the Social Issues Executive, Anglican Diocese of Sydney published on Anglican Media Sydney on November 11, 2004. They comment that the rise of the asexual identity is viewed as being "hip" while Christian celibacy is considered "fundamentally weird or dysfunctional".


Sex Herald

The Times (2005)



The Age

Montreal Gazette

  • The Montreal Gazette featured an article titled "No sex, please" on the 9th of May, 2005.

Sydney Morning Herald (2005)

Salon (2005)

New York Times


  • The November 2005 issue of ELLEgirl magazine included an article about asexuality, which featured a few AVEN members. The article can be found here.


Dinosaur Comics


Annie's Mailbox

The Times (2006)

  • The Bulletin section of Times Online included a brief mention of asexuality and AVEN on April 3, 2006.

Edmonton Journal

Yediot Ahrono (2006)

  • Yediot Ahrono, an 3 Israeli newspaper, included an article about asexuality and the Israeli forum.
  • Published in May 2006.

The Daily Telegraph

EDGE Boston

  • In an article called "Tracing our Roots" by Scott Darby from November 27, 2006, there is a brief mention of asexual relationships in the 19th century in which AVEN is referenced.
  • Relevant thread

2007 (2007)

Bitch magazine

"Do Not Want: The Asexual Revolution Gets Organized" by KL Pereira, September 2007

Gay and Lesbian Times (San Diego)

09-Aug-2007, "Asexuality: beyond the acronyms" by Brian van de Mark, issue 1024

Elle Canada

Elle Canada, July 2007, by Dorothy Woodend. Discussed here and here on AVEN.

Kinsey Confidential

  • A 2007 article on the website of Kinsey Confidential, by the Kinsey Institute.

NZ Herald

Xtra! (2007)

Yediot Ahrono (2007)

  • "There is such thing as asexuality", by Dror Elron, was published in the Israel Singles section includes a question from someone and a response from Elron who concludes that the person isn't asexual. However, Elron goes on to explain what asexuality is according to the definition on AVEN.


The Guardian (2008)

Elle Canada

Edmonton Journal

  • On the 6th of June 2008, published another online article concerning Asexuality, titled "The Asexual Revolution"


ABC News

FOX News

The Independent

På Høyden

  • "Aseksuelle møtes på nett" ("Asexuals meet on the internet"), is about asexuals meeting each other online, and the struggle to get asexuality accepted and recognized as a sexual orientation. Published October 21st, 2009; updated October 2nd, 2013.

Psychology Today


  • An asexual known as Liv is interviewed about her experiences with asexuality, particularly her struggle finding a relationship, and relating to her peers, in's "Meg får du aldri!" ("You'll never get me!"). Published July 24, 2009. A translation of the article can be found here.

San Francisco Chronicle

Body Confidential



Pitt News

Harlot Magazine

  • Harlot magazine, the online version of Scarlet magazine, featured an article entitled "Rise of the Asexual" in issue 19 in October 2010. Relevant thread.

Foreplay Magazine and The Times

Marie Clarie (2010)

  • On the 23rd July 2010, Marie Claire contained a short article, "The New Asexual Movement".

  • On the 6th of August 2010, Norwegian magazine published an article, "Det siste sex-tabuet", which gives a basic summary of asexuality.


  • SIDE2's "Det siste sex tabuet ("The last sex taboo") (not to be confused with's article of the same title), published August 6, 2010, claims that asexuality is the last remaining sexual taboo, since asexuality is considered an abnormality. A translation of the article can be found here.

The Telegraph

Media in video form


The Sex Files (Discovery Channel)

Richard and Judy (ITV)

  • David Jay appeared on ITV's Richard and Judy in the United Kingdom, October 18th 2004.


The View (ABC)

  • The View is a television show aired in the US by ABC. On the 15th of January 2006, David Jay was interviewed for this show (and walked away with a ton of free booze in return). Clips are available to watch on AVEN's "In the Media" front page section, as well as on YouTube.

20/20 (ABC)

Primetime (ABC)

  • Primetime is a television show aired in the US by ABC. Aired on September 5th 2006, this was an updated version of the previous 20/20 segment, originally broadcast on March 21st 2006. Clips are available to watch on the video section of AVEN's front page.

The situation with Tucker Carlson (MSNBC)

Showbiz Tonight (CNN)

Doctor Doctor (Channel 5)

  • Doctor Doctor is a television show aired in the United Kingdom by Channel 5. An episode broadcast on August 25th 2006 featured an interview with TheSMMG.

Dayside (FOX)

  • Dayside was a show aired by FOX News in the USA. On April 3rd 2006 Hu and winter were interviewed for the show. Clips are available to watch on YouTube.


Montel Williams Show (CBS)

MTV News

  • MTV News featured a segment about asexuality on April 5, 2007 called "Young And Asexual" (video clips available on the page Features interviews with AVEN members.


  • Dr. David McKenzie was interviewed on the Fanny Kiefer Show about "Asexuality and Sexual Orientation" on March 25, 2008.


Natalie Cassidy's Real Britain (BBC)

  • Natalie Cassidy's Real Britain, a BBC3 documentary aired in March 2009 in the United Kingdom by the BBC, featured three asexuals. They were interviewed with their friends and partners. The relevant sections are available on Youtube; Part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Triple J TV (ABC Australia)

  • Triple J TV is a program aired in Australia by the national broadcaster ABC. On the 11th of May 2009, Triple J TV featured Asexuality.


France 24

  • On the 10th of September 2010, French news broadcaster France 24 aired a report on sexual identity, which included Asexuality. Watch here (English).

Media in audio form


BBC Radio 5 Live

  • A live discussion featuring Boegart and AVEN member Kenstra, originally broadcast in October 2004.




The Chip Franklin Show (WBAL)

BBC Radio 5 Live (2006)

  • Five Live is a programme on BBC Radio.
  • Broadcast on November 17th/18th, 2006 on on Stephen Nolan's show.
  • TheSMMG was interviewed live on this show.



  • Unsported is a show based in Long Island in New York. A show featuring winter was broadcast on February 10th, 2007.

Nine To Noon (Radio NZ)

  • Nine To Noon is a discussion program broadcast on the national public radio broadcaster, Radio New Zealand. More information can be found at their website. Originally Broadcast on February 8th 2007, this is a 23 minute segment on asexuality that includes interviews with Chris Cole, the founder of, Dr Patrica Weerakoon, an Australian sexologist from the University of Sydney, as well as Tony Bogaert.


  • CJSW Calgary is a campus station based at the Univerisy of Calgary, Alberta. Asexuality was featured in their show, UrbanSex, on April 18th 2007. cijay and one other AVEN member were interviewed.

September 18th 2007.


Saturday Live (BBC Radio 4)

  • In July 2009, BBC Radio-4's Saturday Live program interviewed TheSMMG. The interview can be heard here, about 33 minutes in.

The State We're In (Radio Netherlands/WAMU)


Dr. Laura Berman Show (Oprah Radio)

  • On January 14, 2010, Dr. Laura Berman discusses asexuality in the segment "Is asexuality real?", expressing confusion and skepticism over asexuality, saying it is low libido or being celibate.