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Here is a list of some asexual visibility-related things that can be obtained, whether from AVEN or otherwise. See the masterpost for more.

Please expand this list!


  • AVEN produces educational pamphlets and brochures about asexuality.


  • David Jay has recorded a lecture that he gave at the University of Missouri and the University of Deleware, Asex 101.
  • And slides from Lehcar's lecture at the University of King's in Halifax.
  • Siggy created a presentation for the 2011 Western Regional LGBTQIA conference.

Under Construction

  • David Jay and KBRD143 are co-writing a book on asexuality and are looking for publishers.


  • Some AVENites have designed posters promoting asexuality. Although there is not currently a mechanism for ordering finished posters, anyone can contact one of the poster designers to get a large, printable version of the images. A fun poster, which celebrates the love of cake on AVEN, can be found here.
  • Asexuals who post on other forums besides AVEN can add asexual userbars to their signatures, or asexual images to existing userbars.
  • Some AVENites have constructed website banners promoting AVEN or asexuality, some more serious than others.


  • There are several books about nonlibidoism available from the now-defunct Nonlibidoist Society:
    • "Edmund's got no point" by Edmund Vertuin
    • "Nonlibidoism: The short facts" by Edmund Fortuin, Geraldin Levi Joosten van-Vilsteren, Christine Stone, and David Walker
    • “Strangers in a Strange Land” by Geraldin Levi Joosten-van Vilsteren
    • "L’amour sans le faire" Geraldin Levi Joosten-van Vilsteren (French language)