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EDGE is a "gay & lesbian" centric news network in the United States. Their MA section, EDGE Boston, have published two articles mentioning asexuality

  • "Tracing our Roots" by Scott Darby from November 27, 2006, there is a brief mention of asexual relationships in the 19th century in which AVEN is referenced...
Another phenomenon Katz pointed out was the seemingly extinct 19th century idea that members of the same sex could be in love with each other on a spiritual or emotional level without the presence of sexual love-something that seems to take place among the asexual community (visit www.asexuality.org for more information). "Love was not thought of as sexual love" he says. "That’s a sort of modern, contemporary idea." He explains that men could be in love with other men and talk about it openly, but it didn’t imply a sexual attraction.
—"Edge On The Net", November 2006

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