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Welcome to ASEX, a little experiment in wiki-based online community organizing. Use this system to see what's going on here on AVEN and how you can help.

What's your passion?

Help create public discussion about asexuality.

Help to build a dynamic, supportive community here on AVEN.

Help the community to organize and get things done.

Help to maintain and update our website.

Before you do anything else, have you:

(Jump straight to the Project List if you already know what you're looking for.)

The Big Picture

We do two things here on AVEN: build asexual community and create open, honest public discussion about asexuality. Lucky for us these two goals compliment one another well. Creating public discussion helps more people find AVEN, and having a bigger, better organized community on AVEN lets us participate more meaningfully in public discussion.

AVEN is an online community located on the website Members of the community actively organize to maintain AVEN and pursue its mission. AVEN has no paid staff and a very small budget which comes entirely from donations within the community. This budget is used for server costs and to fund community projects.

Since its founding in 2001, AVEN has grown exponentially and created a dramatic impact on public awareness of asexuality. In a few short years we have gone from complete isolation to a community numbering in the tens of thousands and from complete invisibility to the world's largest media outlets. But there is still considerable work to be done. Most people have still never heard of asexuality, including millions of people struggling to understand how to live their lives without an interest in sexuality. Our community is still in its infancy, we are still exploring how to describe ourselves, think about our relationships and communicate with the world. We welcome you to join us.

Note: This wiki refers almost exclusively to activity taking place on English Language AVEN, one of 18 separate asexual communities. Though most of these communities are hosted on the AVEN server there is currently little coordination between them.