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Gray-A or Grey-A, short for gray-asexual or grey-asexual, refers to a gray area relationship to asexuality, that is the area between black stripe asexual and allosexual. Reasons for identifying as gray-asexual are because sexual attraction is infrequent, limited, conditional, or ambiguous. It might also include those who experience sexual attraction, but find they can ignore it or refuse it. The label may also include low sex drive, or disinterest in sex. Out of the ace respondents to the 2019 Ace Community Survey, about 10% categorized themselves as gray-asexual.[1]

The identity can encompass other labels such as demisexual, orchidsexual and aceflux, encompassing anything between black stripe aces and allosexual.

Among gray-asexuals, the identity has been broadly conceptualized as way to express finding asexuality to be "a useful idea" but an imperfect "fit."[2] The ambiguity of the term is valuable, in this respect.[3][4]

Gray-asexuality has been rarely discussed in mainstream media coverage (relative to asexuality)[5] or academic asexuality studies,[6] and gray-asexual characters have also been rare in ace fiction.[7]


The concept of gray-asexuality was preceded by earlier discussion of semisexuality on the AVEN forums, referencing a spectrum of sexual intensity.[8] The term "Gray-A" itself comes from a 2006 thread by AVEN user KSpaz, who introduced the term for "fuzzy" experiences and those "who may sometimes feel unsure of their asexuality/sexuality."[9]

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