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Homosexuality refers to sexual attraction to or sexual behaviour exclusively with people of the same gender. It is colloquially known as "gay" which is also often used to describe homosexual men, and often "lesbian" for women. Vincian is also another word for gay men.

Pride Flags

The gay man pride flag was designed by Tumblr user gayflagblog. The flag contains a dark green stripe which represents represents community, a aquamarine stripe that represents healing, a light green stripe that represents joy, a white stripe that represents men who are gender non-comforming, non-binary, and transgender, a light blue stripe that represents pure love, a light purple stripe that represents fortitude, and a dark purple stripe that represents diversity. The shades of green were chosen as green has symbolized gay males in both color and plants such as carnations, hyacinths, and the sweet flag and due to how green symbolizes nature, the white stripe was taken from the white middle stripe in the transgender flag, and the light blue, light purple, and dark purple were chosen to symbolize gay males who are stereotypical, non-sterotypical, and in-between both stereotypical and non-sterotypical.

The lesbian pride flag was designed by Tumblr user Sadlesbiandisaster. The flag contains a red stripe which represents gender non-comformity, a dark orange stripe which represents which represents independence, a light orange stripe which represents community, a white stripe which represents unique realtionships to womanhood, a light pink stripe which represents serenity and peace, a dark pink stripe which represents love and sex, and a purple stripe which represents femininity. The flag is a combination of the butch lesbian pride flag and the lipstick lesbian pride flag.

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