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The Identities was created during a revision of the forums' setup in September 2013, forums were moved from the Asexuality and Community and replaced in this recently established section.

The Gray Area, Sex and Related Discussions

Forum The Gray Area, Sex and Related Discussions
Number 72
Created September 2011
Moderator(s) ♣Ryan♣
Access Publicly Accessible

Originally known as The Gray Area prior to September 2013, discussions in this forum largely focused on the gray-A spectrum. This forum was originally proposed in August 2011[1], and a poll was also set up later that month[2]. With a majority of members voting in favor of creating this forum, it was later set up in September 2011[3].

Usually, a new forum is subjected to a scheduled 6-month review to evaluate their performance. The Gray Area was reviewed in March 2012[4], and the admods determined that the forum shall become permanent, rather than face a closure.

This forum was moved from the Asexuality section to the newly created Identities section in September 2013, and renamed to encompass broader sexuality discussions.

The Sex Talk

A subforum of TGA was proposed[5] and launched as The Sex Talk in August 2015[6] for threads about kink and more in-depth discussions about sex.


Forum Intersectionality
Number 127
Created October 2014
Moderator(s) TheAP
Access Semi-hidden

The Intersectionality forum provides space for members to talk about how their (a)sexual identity intersects with other identities including race, religion, and disability.

Romantic and Aromantic Orientations

Forum Romantic and Aromantic Orientations
Number 90
Created July 2012
Moderator(s) NerotheReaper
Access Publicly Accessible

Previously known as A/Romantic Identities, the Romantic and Aromantic Orientations provides a space for members to discuss romantic orientations. Many proposals for an "aromatic forum" have been made over the years[7][8][9][10]. More recently, a proposal was made in March 2012[11], and this time managed to catch the admods' attention (the admods later replaced it with an official poll[12]). However, the admods later responded controversially to this proposal by voting against its creation[13], despite the majority "Yes" vote from the members.

A similar proposal was raised once more in May 2012[14], as well as a counter-proposal to rename Asexual Relationships to "Relationships and Orientations Forum" as an alternative to creating a dedicated forum[15]. Eventually, a forum was finally set up in July 2012[16].

A scheduled review took place in November 2012[17], and the decision was taken to rename the forum as Romantic and Aromantic Orientations. This forum was moved from the Discussion section to the Identities section in September 2013[18].

Gender Discussion

Forum Gender Discussion
Number 57
Created October 2009
Moderator(s) Kisa The Kat
Access Publicly Accessible

The purpose of the Gender Discussion is to discuss gender-related topics. This forum was originally requested in March 2009[19], and later created in October 2009 as a subforum of Off-A[20].

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