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The Kinsey Confidential is a sexual health newspaper column, published by the Kinsey Institute of Bloomington, IN, United States. The institute is named after Alfred Kinsey, who is well known for the Kinsey scale, in which asexuality was labeled as "X".

An article focusing on asexuality, "Asexuality: Does Lack Of Sexual Attraction Make Someone Asexual?" was published int he 14th of February 2007. article on the website of Kinsey Confidential, by the Kinsey Institute. Another article, published a year later in February 2008, questions if asexuality could be "the fourth orientation".

An "Asexual Q&A" is also featured on the website, as well as blog article taking a critical approach to the House, MD episode. Other articles, such as "What Is “Sexual Identity”? Is It The Same As Sexual Orientation?" (September 2010), briefly mention asexuality.

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