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Lord Happy Toast (previously Mandrewliter) is a member of the asexual community who has long been interested in promoting research on asexuality. He is particularly interested in the evolution of asexual concepts and terminology, and in the relationship between asexuality and the diagnoses Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder, currently listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition. From September 2010 to March 2014, he was a member of the AVEN Project Team

Blogging and website

Lord Happy Toast first joined AVEN shortly after discovering the asexual community in September 2007, during his first semester of an MA/Ph.D. program in linguistics in the United States. He quickly took an interest in research on asexuality and trying to develop a framework for understanding asexuality. He got involved with AVENues, where he had a number of articles published beginning in March 2008. In June 2008, he began writing a blog, initially called "Musings on an Asexy Theme," which he later renamed "Asexual Explorations." Out of that blog grew the website Asexual Explorations, which hosted static content versions of work on his blog and the most extensive bibliography on asexuality to date. His blog was renamed Asexual Explorations Blog.


Beginning in summer 2008, some members of AVEN formed a small group of people formed the "AVEN DSM Taskforce", a group aiming to promote dialogue with experts in human sexuality regarding the relationship between asexuality and HSDD and how (and if) means could be taken to make DSM-5 more asexual friendly. Lord Happy Toast was in charge of the background research for this project and did much of the writing of the final report that was submitted to the DSM-5 Sexual Dysfunctions Subworkgroup, a project written about in Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and the Asexual community.

Project Team

In September 2010, Lord Happy Toast was elected to the AVEN Project Team. He played a role in getting more people working on improving the wiki, and tried, without much success, to get more contributions to Asexual Perspectives. He was also active in trying to reform the PT as an institution on AVEN, and to carve out a more clearly defined role for the PT. In January to March 2011, he played a major role in creating a set of procedures for people wanting to use AVEN for academic research. These procedures give the PT a primary role in coordinating with researchers. Because of this, there was concern about what might happen if a future PT did not have anyone knowledgeable enough about research issues to fulfill this role, the structure of the PT was modified so that there would be one Dedicated Research Coordinator and four general PT members. Recognizing that if such a role was created, he was likely to be the first Dedicated Research Coordinator, Lord Happy Toast chose to neither advocate for or against this position--getting this changed approved by admods was lead by Michaeld.

In September 2011, Lord Happy Toast became the first Dedicated Research Contact by default as no one else ran in the election for that position.


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Website and Blog

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