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This is a vintage AVENwiki page, and has been protected against any further editing and archived for future reference uses. It has been retained for its historical relevance.

This article explains an inside joke used on the AVEN forums, especially the Just For Fun board.
It does not describe any actual facts, nor does it represent the beliefs of asexuals as a whole.

The moon is an enormous floating ball of spareribs, suspended millions of miles above the Earth. It is currently the subject of heated debates as to whether the spareribs are barbecued or raw, as there has been evidence found that rivers of boiling blood exist on the moon's surface. It is argued that cooked ribs would not create such activity.

Stages of the Lunar Cycle

The moon's waxing and waning cycles are caused by its inhabitants, pink aardvarks, who ingest and regurgitate the spareribs on a monthly basis, much like the Ancient Romans. This causes the moon to grow and then shrink in appearance.


It is thought by many that humans have never set foot on the moon, otherwise Neil Armstrong would have not only eaten the moon, he would have had seconds. And then polished it off with a tall, cool Budweiser.

Cheese and the Moon

In some universes the moon is said to be made of cheese rather than spare ribs. However some samples indicate that the moon is partially made of tabasco sauce.

The Moon in Popular Culture

M-O-O-N, that spells "pop culture"! [1]

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