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AVEN is divided into two organizational bodies, the Admod Team (or Administrator/Moderator Team), which oversees discussion taking place in the forums and the Project Team which oversees visibility projects, AVEN resources and everything else outside of the forums. Both teams are elected by the general membership.

What We're Doing


AVEN's web hosting costs are currently funded entirely by its founder, AVENguy. Efforts are underway to build a secure donations tool into the site so that hosting costs can be shared and so that money can be more efficiently raised for other projects.

  • Setting up the Donations tool and figuring out how donations will work.

Tax status

AVEN is not currently incorporated as an organization. This makes processing donations more difficult (since AVENguy has to pay taxes on all of them) and creates liability issues. We should work to file as a 501c(4) organization within the US.

International Coordination

There is currently no formal system to coordinate between English language AVEN and the other AVENs.

  • Anyone want to help create one? Creating a section of the Wiki and getting the different language admins to help would be a start. Contact AVENguy for their info.--AVENguy 05:07, 19 January 2007 (EST)

What You Can Do