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Repulsed is a term used by some asexual individuals to indicate that they find sex disgusting or revolting, as in, "I'm a repulsed asexual" or simply "I'm repulsed." Some repulsed asexuals take this to mean that they are repulsed by the idea of engaging in sex, while others take it to mean that they are repulsed by the idea of sex in general. The revulsion felt by a repulsed asexual may or may not be directed at sex acts other than intercourse. An asexual can be personally repulsed, but still be sex-positive when the sexual activity does not involve them.

Unfortunately, due to lack of visibility and education, many sexuals misperceive asexuality as a group of sex repulsed aromantics. This is not true as some individuals may be Sex-positive and gain enjoyment from sexual activities or whom are Indifferent towards sex. It is not only asexuals who experience Sex Repulsion, either, there are sexuals who are sex repulsed as well.

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