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The Site section was created during the reorganization of the forums in February 2008, numerous hidden forums are placed here.

Site Comments

Forum Site Comments
Number 2
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) .Lia
Access Public

Site Comments is one of AVEN's original and eldest forums, created in 2002 alongside several other forums. It was known as the Web Team forum between October 2004[1][2] and March 2005, before changing back to Site Comments. According to the forum's description, this forum is for "any questions, comments or suggestions you have for the AVEN website."

Bug Tracker

The Bug Tracker is for reporting bugs found in AVEN's software. It's a module rather than a forum, which was created in January 2013 and is currently maintained by the administrators.

Admod Archives

Prior to March 2013, Admod Archives was a standalone forum known as the Mod Forum[3]. According to the forum's description, this forum is a "read-only forum for Admod announcements and declassified threads. Members' information is removed from all declassified threads prior to being released", though threads are irregularly declassified[4]. This forum was created in October 2004[5].

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