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The following is a list of asexual student groups:

(know of a group that's not on this list? Drop us a line in the wiki updates thread, or add it yourself!)


Ace Space Network

The Ace Space Network is a Facebook group for anyone organizing (or interested in organizing) asexual student groups.

United States

Arizona State University-Tempe (Tempe, AZ)

This is the ASU chapter of Aces of Arizona. Anybody at Arizona State should contact AVEN user TheCatLady for more information.

New College of Florida (Sarasota, FL)

The New College of Florida has a private Facebook group for asexual students - contact for more information

Princeton University (Princeton, NJ)

Princeton Aces is a confidential discussion group for asexual and questioning students of all sexual orientations and gender identities. For more information, contact the LGBT Center.

University of California at Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)

Ace Space is a new org on the Berkeley campus which has been established as a safe space for anyone who identifies on the asexual spectrum or who is interested in learning more about ace communities and how to support them; it also acts as a resource for the ace community at Cal and works to spread awareness of asexuality both on the Cal campus and in the Berkeley community. More info can be found at their website. Update as of fall 2014: the Ace Space at UC Berkeley isn't currently hosting meetings, but we still have a Facebook page that you can check out to meet other aces on campus.

University of California at Davis (Davis, CA)

The Asexual Association (A²) is a closed social/support group for anyone who identifies as asexual, demisexual, grey-asexual, hyposexual, semisexual, or any other identity that may fall under the asexual umbrella. People questioning their a/sexuality are very much welcome. Anyone with any affiliation to Davis is encouraged to attend, from life-long residents to visitors passing through town. Meetings are held in downtown Davis, with times determined at the beginning of each UCD quarter. Though the meetings and listserv are at this time not open to sexual allies, anyone may email the moderator with information that may be of interest to the asexual community. Anyone interested should contact for more information.

University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Asexuali-tea is a support, social, and visibility group for the campus asexual and aromantic communities. Everyone is welcome regardless of orientation! We have tea at every meeting and encourage newcomers to come. You can learn more about Asexuali-tea here.

University of Colorado at Boulder (Boulder, CO)

The A-hooray! Aromantic/Asexual Student Society is for anyone on the asexual spectrum and allies, although they may have a few closed meetings if members feel like they need to. A-hooray! meets Tuesdays at 8pm in the GLBTQ Resource Center in the Center for Community (C4C). Mostly it's just hanging out and taking a break from school so far but we want to start having discussions every once in awhile about things like coming out, consent, visibility, etc.

Western Washington University (Bellingham, WA)

Western Cake! is a recently started meet-up/support group for people who identify as asexual or who are interested in learning more about asexuality! The closed Facebook group will be used primarily for people to find and connect with other people identifying as asexual and to organize meet-ups in Bellingham, WA. We hope to eventually turn this into a full-fledged student club on Western's campus. Allies and people who do not identify as asexual are welcome to join and participate, just keep in mind that this group may have high-traffic posts & notifications that may not be relevant to you if you have no interest in coming to meet-ups. But this group is not exclusive to asexual people. Anyone interested should request to join the Facebook group.

United Kingdom

University College London

UCL's LGBT+ committe has an ace rep who organizes ace social events which are open to students from any London universities or institutes. For more information, check the group's AVEN thread or contact the Ace Rep at

University of York

YUSU's LGBTQ Welfare Committee has an ace rep and hosts 'Ace Meet-and-Greet' events once a term.

Warwick University (Coventry)

Warwick Pride, which is the LGBTUA+ society at Warwick Uni, has had an ace rep position since 2007. The Ace Rep runs socials and looks after the welfare needs of aces (questioning, etc.). We also explicitly include romantic orientation within the other rep groups. For more information or to join the groups secret Facebook group for asexual students at Warwick, please contact