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The Times is a daily newspaper published in London, it is circulated throughout the United Kingdom. It is described as "center-right".

The Times published "New (lack of) sexual revolution" in October 2004 and "No sex, please! I'm asexual" in December 2004, as well as Michele Kirsch's article, "Not tonight, dear. In fact, not ever... I'm asexual", in March 2005.

The Times Online included a brief mention of asexuality and AVEN on April 3, 2006... "Sexless and proud, the indifferent-to-sex movement is coalescing around a new website dedicated to everything not steamy — It claims to have 6,000 members worldwide. David Jay, 23, a Californian, founded the support group after detecting his own lack of passion when friends started mentioning sexual attraction. “I had no idea what they were talking about,” he says. No, there probably won’t be an annual orgy."

More recent articles include "Truly, deeply loving, just not madly sexual" by Helen Croydon, published in October 2010, and a brief mention in "The Plankton: It’s some pathetic chasing on my part of lost youth" (February 2013).