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About Fosco!
A This user identifies as asexual.

S This user will eradicate all known Spam. So Be Afraid!

B This user is the absolute best.

Date Today is: 19 November 2019.

Bore da, ydw i Fosco. Hello my name is Fosco. Well it isn't really, but you can call me Fosco anyway.

I currently reside in Wales, UK. Where I work in IT. I've been on AVEN for almost 3 years now, I came out of the pantry to my parents shortly after I created an account on the forums

I've never really been into sex, it's not something that I can relate a need to do at all.


This is about Fosco.

Name: Fosco

DOB: 03 Nov 1988

Location: Wales, UK

Gender: Male

Job Title: IT/Telephony Administrator

Posts: Click Here

Joined: 28 Feb 06

Contact Me: Click Here


I enjoy creating Userboxes, and have create a couple on the AVENwiki, and rather more on Wikipedia itself. If you would like a specific userbox created for you own use let me know.

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I'm a member of the AVEN Advisory Team that means that I get to answer questions from people who need a little help understanding Asexuality.

If you've got any question you can send an email too or you can PM me on the forums

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