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A vague, generalized summary

  • 19 year old aromantic-asexual 2nd year engineering student
  • busy as heck, especially with the One Laptop Per Child project
    • very experienced with wikis, courtesy of spending the summer doing OLPC stuff
  • learning how to program
  • artist for a webcomic coproduced with AVEN member Kassil [updates are slow, due to that engineering school thing]

What the heck do I do around here anyway?

Exist, mostly. I'm up for talking with interesting people, helping people, whatever. Formatting/fixing wikis is pretty normal for me, and I've got some experience with community building [especially wiki communities]. Other than that, erm, I don't know. I play mafia a lot, but I'm pretty terrible at it. I suppose I'm mainly here to offer my wiki-fu and any other skills I may or may not have.


For my own nefarious purposes. Like organization. And taking over the world.