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Within the Asexual Community

Nat Titman also known as Paranoid Gynandroid (AVEN username), 36 and quarridors, founded the first explicitly sex positive asexuality discussion community, the Livejournal Asexuality community in April 2002, pre-dating the AVEN forums by a month.

After being contacted by David Jay in May 2002, Nat became involved in developing AVEN site content and the early forum community. In July and August 2002, Nat wrote the original AVEN 'big FAQ' which was the basis of the current General FAQ and parts of the Relationship FAQ.

Nat identifies as a queer romantic asexual and is an active member of the UK Bi Community (and has previously run workshops on asexuality and related subjects at the UK BiCon conventions and produced asexual resources for that community).

Nat currently lives in Nottingham, UK and is more likely to lurk on online asexual communities than post.

Outside of the Asexual Community

Nat lives as gender neutral, identifies as genderqueer/nonbinary and has been involved in transgender activism both online and within the LGBT and Bi Communities. Nat's current activism projects are the ambiguous gender presentation resource and information site Practical Androgyny and the Nonbinary gender visibility, education and advocacy network Nat is also dyspraxic and has been involved in neurodiversity activism.

Nat is a Doctor Who podcaster and fan artist, best known for the now defunct Bridging the Rift podcast about the Doctor Who Universe fandom, its culture and creative pursuits. Nat also contributed to the Radio Free Skaro discussion on Torchwood: Children of Earth's alleged 'homophobia' and queer character depictions in television and films, in the episode 'The Ballad of Jack and Ianto'.

Nat is a media and literary science fiction fan, attending various UK science fiction conventions, and is especially interested in fan music, leading to membership of the UK Filk Community and attendance at its conventions. Nat writes and performs filk parody songs.

Nat is interested in virtual worlds and currently participates in the Second Life child avatar community and New Babbage steampunk roleplaying community (as a Dickensian street urchin).

Professionally, Nat works in Information Technology with special interests in web application development, interface design, usability and accessibility.


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