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AVEN Elections

Forum AVEN Elections
Number 33
Created June 2006
Moderator(s) Administrators
Access 25 post requirement

Previously known as "Mod Elections", the AVEN Elections forum exists for the purpose of hosting moderator and Project Team elections. Moderators and Project Team members are elected by the board members, this is done by creating a simple one-choice thread poll in which the members can vote for a candidate. To prevent sock voting, a member must reach 25 votes before they are eligible to vote in such threads, or even view this forum. Only the administrators can start threads in this forum, though any member can reply or vote once the post requirement has been reached.

AVEN Elections usually hosts the thread in the latter voting stages, initially the thread is posted in the Announcements forum, where the candidate Q&A sessions take place, and the thread can be accessed by both unregistered guests and members.

Once the Q&A sessions are finished, the thread is moved from Announcements to AVEN Elections, where the poll is added. The final voting period lasts for several days.


AVEN held its first elections in December 2004[1], however these first elections predate the creation of the Mod Elections forum. Three moderators and seven administrators were elected by the public boards, these elections were held in the Announcements forum.

In fact, the forum shares its creation and origins with the Project Team. Due to an issue with AVEN's polling software at the time (phpBB), sockpuppet voting became a major concern. Initially, the plan was for members to send in their vote by PM or email to an admin, though the dedicated forum proposal was favored. Thus, the Mod Elections forum was created in June 2006 to hold the first Project Team elections.

The forum fell out of use and was subsequently hidden from view, the following moderator or Project Team elections were held in Announcements. It was returned to regular use in October 2009[2], and held its first moderator elections later in November. It has remained in regular use ever since, all official elections are now held in this forum.

The Mod Elections forum was once hidden from view once the elections had finished, but this had become less common over the years. Following a review of the forums in September 2013[3], Mod Elections was changed to AVEN Elections.

Site Info Center

Forum Site Info Center
Number 87
Created May 2012
Moderator(s) Moderators, Project Team
Access Read only

The Site Info Center is a read-only forum, intended as a dedicated resource for the more prominent policy-related forum threads. Threads such as the Terms of Service, Signature Limitations and Rules for Researchers, which were previously placed in Announcements, were moved to the newly formed forum in May 2012[4].

The Site Info Center serves as an easily accessible resource for guests and members, policy and general management threads that were previously scattered across the forums are now placed in Site Info Center. The forum is jointly maintained by both the moderators and Project Team members.

It differs from the Mod Forum (now known as Admod Archives, also read-only), which is intended for declassified policy threads, and Site Comments, which provides a space for AVEN's maintenance-related questions.


Forum Announcements
Number 17
Created Likely November 2003
Moderator(s) Kisa the Kit Kat *Cicero
Access Reply Only

As the name suggests, Announcements is intended for general announcements, usually forum-wide announcements, though announcements that are relevant to asexual visibility and education are allowed. Historically, forum bans would've been announced by an admin in this forum, though this practice was dropped and later revived in the Mod Forum[5]. Prior to 2006, moderator elections were announced and hosted in this forum, elections are still announced here but are now hosted in the Elections Forums.

This forum is also home to AVEN Digest, a weekly forum bulletin maintained by Cicero. These bulletins are posted as threads and pinned for visibility, Cicero has limited moderating powers that allow him to pin these threads.

Welcome Lounge

Forum Welcome Lounge
Number 3
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) Homer
Access Publicly Accessible

The Welcome Lounge provides a space for newly registered members to introduce themselves to the forums, in turn they are usually greeted by the older and regular forum members. The Welcome Lounge is one of AVEN's original and eldest forums.

This forum has remained largely unchanged since its incarnation, though there have been recent attempts at providing a standardized guide for welcoming the newer members[6]. Posts that are made in the Welcome Lounge do not count towards the 100 post requirement for eligibility in AVEN's elections, the Just For Fun forums are also affected by this rule.

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