What is ASEX?

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What is ASEX?

ASEX, or the AVEN Social Empowerment Exchange, is a quick, easy way for anyone to see what is happening on AVEN and get involved. Think about it as a cross between a scoreboard, a marketplace and a flip chart.

  • It's a ScoreBoard because you can use it to quickly see what's going on with all the different aspects of AVEN.
  • It's a Marketplace because you can use it to find ways to help out and to recruit help for your projects.
  • It's a Flip Chart because you can use it to manage your projects.

Make sure you click Recent Changes on the side of the wiki to keep up with changes to ASEX!

Here's How it Works

ASEX is divided into two sections, the Get Involved section and the Project List.

Get Involved

The Get Involved! section provides a quick overview of everything going on with AVEN, from media response to penpals to fixing bugs. It's broken down like this:

  • The Big Picture- an overview of AVEN for people new to the organization.
  • Before You Do Anything Else!- a list of quick things that every AVEN member should be doing.
  • Categories
    • Type of Work-Gives a status report on a particular type of work, such as [Campus Outreach] or [Meetup Coordination]
      • Ideas -A suggestion box for ideas having to do with a particular type of work.
      • Projects Once someone takes on an idea it becomes a project, and gets an entry in the ASEX [Project List].


The ASEX dashboard is divided into four categories:

  1. Visibility covers all outreach and education work.
  2. Community covers all work dealing with the asexual community as a whole.
  3. Organization covers all work dealing with the formal structure of AVEN, such as the Admod Team and the Project Team.
  4. Site covers work dealing with the content and technical components of the AVEN website.

Project List

The Project List shows all of the active and completed projects on AVEN. Though there are no requirements for projects, we recommend that they use the following template. Also feel free to rename the categories so as to have more fun.

Project Template

Goal: A few sentences describing the aim of the project.
How You Can Help!:How newcomers to the project can help out.
Current Phase: A description of where the project is now (e.g. working on design, initial planning.)
Plan: A breakdown of the plan for completing the project. This can be listed in steps as or a narrative depending on the nature of the project. If listing steps make sure to mark completed steps as COMPLETED.
Key Contact(s): The go to person/people for the project. Only list AVEN IDs.
Other Contacts: Other people working on the project, if applicable.
Need: A list of resources needed for the project (e.g. Project Team Approval, Someone with graphic design skills, $100.) Note that you must have Project Team Approval to request donations on ASEX. Donations to projects can be processed through the [donations tool].
Have: A list of resources that the project has acquired.
Documents/Links: A list of links relevant to the project. You may want to make use of some nifty free online tools for your projects. Google Docs lets you set up online documents and spreadsheets that can be edited by multiple people, and you can use Google Calendar to share dates and deadlines important to the project. You can also set up Google Groups or Yahoo Groups to help communicate.
Threads: Links to any threads relevant to the project.
Updates: A list of project updates with the newest updates first.