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AVENwiki was established to store the sum total of our knowledge, theory, and speculation about asexuality in communally editable form on the Internet. The main goal is to create an encyclopedia and educational resource for those unfamiliar to, or wishing to know more about, asexuality. A list of pages people would like to see can be found here.

How you can contribute

  • Write new articles about concepts that are important to the understanding of asexuality. See the help pages for help on writing wiki articles.
  • Edit existing articles to include further information that they don't have yet. See Special:Allpages for a list of all pages, and Category:Attention for articles that need help.
  • Make a User Page for yourself.
  • Invite your friends here!
  • Start your own AVENwiki in your own language.

Deadline: None! The AVENwiki is here to stay.


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