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AVENwiki was set up to store the sum total of our knowledge, theory, and speculation about asexuality in communally editable form on the Internet. A list of pages people would like to see can be found here.

How you can contribute

  • Write new articles about concepts that are important to your understanding of asexuality. (If you don't know how to write Wiki articles, see MediaWiki Help.)
  • Edit existing articles to include further information and theory that they don't have yet. (For a list of all existing articles, see the All Pages.)
  • Make a User Page for yourself. Then look up your friends' user pages, and leave them some nice friendly comments.
  • Contribute to one of our ongoing Wiki-Based Community Projects:
  • Add to ASEX! If you've got a project for asexual visibility, education, or community that you'd like to get worked on, put it up here. Don't be shy! The whole point of this being a Wiki page is so that anybody can contribute.
  • Good food is better than sex any day of the week. Add your favourite recipes to the AVEN Cookbook!
  • Start your own Wiki-based project and list it here!

Deadline: None! The AVENwiki is here to stay.