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Launch date 7th (?) January 2008
Founder(s) Live R Perfect
  • Admins: imonroe, KAGU143, Karl, KAW143
  • Mods: Dargon, ily, Noskcaj.Llahsram
  • KB Team: pretzelboy
  • 10 (viewable by members)
  • 9 (publicly viewable)
Language(s) English
Access Public
Software phpBB 3.0
Website apositive.org

Apositive is a forum-based website, which was established in early January 2008 by Karl (Live R Perfect on AVEN). It was founded to encourage sex-positive discussion relating to asexuality and sexuality beyond the basic education provided by AVEN, following a surge in supposed asexual elitism within AVEN. The name "Apositive" was chosen to emphasize that the website concentrates on being supportive and positive about both asexuality and other kinds of sexuality.


In late 2006, the Official Nonlibidoist Society website was abruptly shut down down, triggering an influx of antisexual and elitist viewpoints on AVEN forums throughout 2007. As a result, Apositive sprang to life in January 2008[1], intended as a community for sex-positive discourse with a very low tolerance for antisexual comments. Apositive's sexuality forum distinguished it from AVEN, which lacked such a forum until recently (see Identities, latest forum section on AVEN).

Lehcar was given administrator permissions in October 2008[2]. A year later, in October 2009, Karl transferred ownership of Apositive to Nancy and Keith (KAGU143 and KAW143). Presently, the knowledge base is no longer active, the forum has over 400 members but generally suffers from a lack of regular activity.

Knowledge Base

Originally, an extensive Knowledge Base of studies related to asexuality was also included, and it focused on discussing asexuality as part of a sexual society. Unfortunately, as of February 2009, this Knowledge Base is no longer available[3].

Community Guidelines

Debate and controversial discussions are encouraged on Apositive, provided that posters act in a respectful and mature fashion. Their forum rules can be found here

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  2. New Admin Wanted on Apositive
  3. "Knowledge Base Team" on Apositive