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AVEN is the world's biggest asexual site, but we're not the only ones. If you want to check out where else asexuality is cropping up on the Internet, check out this page!

Forums was founded in order to provide a more sex-positive alternative to the atmosphere of AVEN and to promote advanced and complex discussion of asexuality. It welcomes people of all orientations, preferably those who are already familiar with the basics of asexuality.

Asexual Lesbians is a forum for asexual lesbians. It is open to anyone who identifies as lesbian or is interested in asexual lesbian issues.

The A-Sylum caters to "the more off-the-wall variety of asexual". It is a community-based website for people who like jokes that aren't dirty, although there is serious discussion as well.

Social Networking Groups


Asexuality in the Literary World is a LiveJournal community dedicated to writing a book to spread asexual visibility.

The Asexuality LiveJournal Community is a community for asexual people to discuss living without sexuality. It welcomes anyone with low or no sexual attraction, or low or no libido, as well as their allies.

Asexuals We Are is a community for "folks who think sex is terribly overrated and pointless". As a community, they put more emphasis on rebelling against sexuality than the Asexuality community.

A Wank-Free Zone describes itself as a laid-back environment in which to discuss asexuality, and is dedicated to remaining free of drama and complaining posts.

OK For Others is a community for people who find sex distasteful or disgusting. However, it describes itself as "not a place for anti sexuality people", as distaste for sex is a personal feeling and should not reflect on what other people do in their own time.

Related topics

Celibate Whore is a non-judgemental community for people who are celibate, abstinent, or considering celibacy or abstinence for any reason.

Safespace is a community for all individuals who have difficulty with sex and sexuality, including asexuals as well as victims of sexual abuse, people with sexual dysfunctions, and similar.


Asexual and Proud is a MySpace group for proud asexuals.

The Asexual-Sexual Alliance is a MySpace group dedicated to "informing anyone of asexuality". People of any orientation are welcome.

Asexuals With Attitude is a MySpace group for asexuals, dedicated to dispelling some common myths about asexuality.