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The Asexuality section was created during the reorganization of the forums in February 2008. Between 2002 and 2008, Asexual Relationships, Asexual Musings and Rantings (known as General Asexual Rantings up until September 2005), Older Asexuals and Sexual Partners, Friends and Allies were categorized in the Discussion section, whereas Asexual Q&A was placed in the AVEN section.

Asexual Q&A

Forum [1]
Number 5
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) Lia
Access Publicly Accessible

The Asexual Q&A (commonly referred to as Q&A) is usually the first stop for newcomers, often cited as a helpful resource. It provides a space for newbies and regulars to ask for asexual advice and knowledge, though sexual behavior is also commonly discussed. "Am I asexual" threads are very common here, and numerous pinned threads attempt to provide the relevant answers. Asexual Q&A is one of AVEN's original and eldest forums, and remains as one of the most active.

Unlike the other present forums in Asexuality, Asexual Q&A was placed in the AVEN section rather than the Discussion section.

Asexual Relationships

Forum [2]
Number 5
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) The Great WTF
Access Publicly Accessible