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The Asexuality section was created during the reorganization of the forums in February 2008. Between 2002 and 2008, Asexual Relationships, Asexual Musings and Rantings (known as General Asexual Rantings up until September 2005), Older Asexuals and Sexual Partners, Friends and Allies were categorized under Discussion, whereas Asexual Q&A was placed in the AVEN section.

Asexual Q&A

Forum Asexual Q&A
Number 5
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) Lia
Access Publicly Accessible

The Asexual Q&A (commonly referred to as Q&A) is usually the first stop for newcomers, often cited as a helpful resource. It provides a space for newbies and regulars to ask for asexual advice and knowledge, though sexual behavior is also commonly discussed. "Am I asexual" threads are very common here, and numerous pinned threads attempt to provide the relevant answers. Asexual Q&A is one of AVEN's original and eldest forums, and remains as one of the most active.

Unlike the other present forums in Asexuality, Asexual Q&A was placed in the AVEN section rather than the Discussion section.

Asexual Relationships

Forum Asexual Relationships
Number 7
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) The Great WTF
Access Publicly Accessible

Here, the members of AVEN can discuss their relationships. Any type of relationship can be discussed here, rather than just romantic relationships. It is one of AVEN's original and eldest forums, created in 2002 alongside nine other forums.

Asexual Relationships has remained largely unchanged since its creation, though a proposal was made to rename the forum in May 2012, in order to include romantic orientations in the forum's discussions. Under this proposal, the forum's name would've been changed to Relationships and Orientations Forum. Instead, the members voted in favor of creating a newer more dedicated forum for romantic orientations; A/Romantic Identities (later renamed as Romantic and Aromantic Identities).

Asexual Musings and Rantings

Forum Asexual Musings and Rantings
Number 1
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) Qutenkuddly
Access Publicly Accessible

Asexual Musings and Rantings (affectionately known as MusiRants) is AVEN's general discussion forum for asexuality. As the name suggests, musings and rantings (relevant to asexuality) go down here. It is indexed as 1, officially it is AVEN's eldest forum and among the most active.

This forum was known as General Asexual Rantings between 2002 and September 2005. A proposal was made to change the forum's name, and the members voted in favor of changing to the current name, which was proposed by GBRD. Incredibly Ace Moments is a regularly active thread in this forum, though there are many common themes.

Older Asexuals

Forum Older Asexuals
Number 32
Created April 2006
Moderator(s) Qutenkuddly
Access Publicly Accessible

The Older Asexuals forum is usually frequented by members who are over 30, though there's no official age restriction enforced in this forum and access is unrestricted. An "over-40s" forum was proposed in June 2005, but failed to gather the necessary support. An older asexuals forum was proposed again less than a year in a Hot Box thread, and later officially proposed and voted on in April 2006. GBRD explains the history of the forum here

For Sexual Partners, Friends and Allies

Forum Sexual Partners, Friends and Allies
Number 30
Created October 2005
Moderator(s) Lady Girl
Access Publicly Accessible

More commonly known as SPFA, this forum provides a space for allies, rather than a space for sexual discussion (see The Gray Area, Sex and Related Discussions). SPFA was proposed and created in October 2005, soon after the Personals Forum fiasco. Initially dubbed as the "Sexual Lounge", its current name was proposed by GBRD143 and adopted upon the forum's creation.

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