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Avalanche Community
Launch date February 20th 2012 (current forum)
Founder(s) Numerous
Team See Team
  • 19 (total)
  • 17 (accessible by "Veterans")
  • 14 (publicly indexed)
Language(s) English
Access Members only
Software WoltLab "Burning Board" 3.1.7
Website avalanchecommunity.org

Avalanche (also known as "Avalanche Community", and informally known as "Av") is a forum-based community, the current forums were established in February 2012 and are perhaps best known for their minimal approach to moderation and their often controversial opinion of AVEN. A registered account is required to read Avalanche's forums.


Although a forum wasn't originally planned, Avalanche has remained a largely forum-based community since its establishment. An alternative to Asexual News was originally proposed and discussed by several members of AVEN's chatroom in mid-2011 (hence the original full name, "Avalanche Magazine"). Later in 2011, a phpBB-based forum was established, but suffered from a software glitch and was subsequently shut down before going public. A Yuku-based forum was later created in February 2012, before the team decided to migrate back phpBB's software and re-establish a new forum on a private server later that month. Avalanche's forums currently use WoltLab's software, which replaced the previous phpBB software in March 2013[1], the current logo was designed by DreamingPaws soon after this update[2]. Passwords were lost during this update, and the registered members had to manually reset them.


Numerous members of Avalanche criticized AVEN's moderator elections in March 2013[3][4], which resulted in two candidate resigning from these elections. Arca the Raccoon?! (Arca nine Huggles on AVEN) posted a thread on Avalanche's forums, which heavily criticized several of AVEN's mod candidates, and resulted with one of the said candidates resigning from the election[5]. Similarly, Doppel's participation in the election thread resulted in another candidate resigning from the elections[6], the admods issued a warning to Doppel for this[7].


Further controversy was sparked later in April 2013, when two threads were breached from AVEN's Admods Forum regarding Doppel's behavior and Arca the Raccoon?!'s eligibility in the Project Team elections[8]. These breached threads were posted on Avalanche's forums by "Breachzilla". AVEN has never formally commented on this issue.


Avalanche Veterans possess special privileges, they're granted access to Avalanche's hidden forums, though they possess no moderator or administrator privileges. This group was originally created as a "beta testing group"[9], but this purpose is largely archaic.


Tech Admin

  • Doppel
  • Just Lunar (former tech admin)


  • "Akira_RuinsOfArcasMom"
  • Dear Leader Beta (former moderator)
  • Eratothenes

See also


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