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|name        = (h)AVEN
|name        = (h)AVEN
|number    = 36
|number    = 36
|created    =  
|created    = December 2006
|moderators = ''Administrators, Moderators''
|moderators = ''Administrators, Moderators''
|access    = Restricted access (approval required)   
|access    = Restricted access (approval required)   

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The Community section was created during the reorganization of the forums in February 2008, it is currently the largest section on AVEN.

Meetup Mart

Forum Meetup Mart
Number 12
Created November 2002
Moderator(s) Silly Green Monkey
Access Registered account required

The Meetup Mart is for organizing meetups in your local area, though it should not be mistaken as dating or classified section. This forum was created as a subforum of Asexual Relationships in November 2002 and initially promoted as a "singles section". It was originally known as The Club, its current name was adopted in March 2003. Following the deletion of the Personals Forum in October 2005, threads in that forum were subsequently moved to the Meetup Mart.

Regional forums

Currently, four regional subforums exist; Australia and New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland and United States. All four were created in October 2009.

Just For Fun

Forum Just For Fun
Number 13
Created December 2002
Moderator(s) +Spookzar
Access Publicly Accessible

Commonly known as JFF, the Just For Fun forum was created in December 2002, soon after the Meetup Mart. It's generally used as a thread games forum (though the AVEN Arcade serves a similar purpose).

AVEN Arcade

Formerly known as The Chatterbox, which was created in September 2008 as a response to increased posting and traffic in Just For Fun. Due to the predicted activity in this forum, a proposal was made to disable post counting in this forum, though this was never formally voted in (though, it was later reviewed in February 2011, and again in October 2011).

The purpose of this forum has been reviewed and redefined on numerous occasions, including this recent review from October 2013. The forum tends to suffer from a lack of activity compared to JFF. It's current name, AVEN Arcade (proposed here), was adopted in March 2011

Celebration Time!

Forum Celebration Time!
Number 35
Created December 2006
Moderator(s) Qutenkuddly
Access Publicly Accessible

Celebration Time! (also known as "Celebrations") was first proposed in September 2006 and later created in December 2006. As the description states, this forum is "for sharing your accomplishments, kudos, and whatever else might be making you feel great about your life".

Tea and Sympathy

Forum Tea and Sympathy
Number 65
Created October 2009
Moderator(s) Qutenkuddly
Access Registered account required

Tea and Sympathy (also known as "T&S") was proposed in August 2009, and later created in October 2009. Viewing this forum requires a registered account, this was implemented in June 2011 due to privacy concerns. As of July 2012, disciplinary action may result in a temporary loss of access to this forum.

Open Mic

Forum Open Mic
Number 9
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) Tanwen
Access Publicly Accessible

Open Mic is one of AVEN's original forums, created in 2002 alongside several other forums. The description states that members can share and showcase their works of art in this forum.

Alternate Language Forum

Forum Alternate Language Forum
Number 23
Created August 2003 (as a section), January 2004 (as a single forum)
Moderator(s) Naosuu
Access Publicly Accessible

Commonly referred to as Alternate Languages (or "AltLang"), the Alternate Language Forum was created (in its current form) in January 2004, following the merger of its predecessors; "Amibes Français", "Asexuality Español", "Asexuales Deutschland", "Discussione Asessuale Italiana" and "Amoebas Portugese-falador". These predecessor forums were created in August 2003.

For a short period between August 2003 and January 2004, the Alternate Language Forum existed as a section much like Community or Asexuality, and the predecessors forums were categorized under this section. Those five forums were merged in favor of a single forum, which continues to exist as AltLang. Much like the Community Links Forum, the Alternate Languages forum provides external links to international visibility and education communities (most of which are are affiliated with and hosted on AVEN's servers).


Forum (h)AVEN
Number 36
Created December 2006
Moderator(s) Administrators, Moderators
Access Restricted access (approval required)

(h)AVEN was created in December 2006 and serves a similar purpose to Tea & Sympathy, though (h)AVEN grants more privacy and secrecy. According to the original announcement, this forum was created for anyone who wished to discuss issues of a sensitive and personal nature, but was hesitant to do so in a public medium. Promotion of the forum has steadily increased in recent years. Alternate accounts are allowed under certain circumstances and restrictions, following a change to the forum in May 2013.

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