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The '''Discussion''' section was created in July 2012<ref>{{Cite AVEN|76660|Board Changes}}</ref>, mainly consisting of forums that were previously placed in the '''[[Community (forum section)|Community]]''' section. Up until recently, the [[Identities (forum section)#Romantic and Aromantic Identities|Romantic and Aromantic Identities]] ''(previously known as "A/Romantic Identities")'' and [[Identities (forum section)#Gender Discussion|Gender Discussion]] forums were placed in this section, prior to the creation of an [[Identities (forum section)|Identities]] forum section in September 2013<ref>{{Cite AVEN|92771|Updated Forum Review Idea}}</ref>.
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{{Infobox forum
|name        = Off-A
|number    = 16
|created    = July 2003
|moderators = The Great WTF
|access    = Publicly Accessible
'''Off-A''' was created and trialed in July 2003<ref>{{Cite AVEN|955|Hot Topic}}</ref>, and is mostly used for threads and subjects that aren't specifically related to asexuality. The [[Identities (forum section)#Gender Discussion|Gender Discussion]] forum existed as a subforum of Off-A for a brief period in 2009.
==Philosophy, Politics and Science==
{{Infobox forum
|name        = Philosophy, Politics and Science
|number    = 4
|created    = May 2002
|moderators = SylveonKitsune
|access    = Publicly Accessible
'''Philosophy, Politics and Science''' ''(also known as "PPS")'' is one of AVEN's original forums, it was created in May 2002 alongside several other forums. A "science forum" was proposed in April 2006 <ref>{{Cite AVEN|15432|Science forum (moved from admods)}}</ref>, but the [[Forum Management|admod]] team concluded that the ''Philosophy n' Politics'' forum already encompassed this topic <ref>{{Cite AVEN|15432|post=419444|Science forum (moved from admods)}}</ref>. A similar proposal in March 2007<ref>{{Cite AVEN|22471|How About a Science Section?}}</ref> resulted in the admods altering the forum's name to ''Philosophy, Politics n' Science'' later in April<ref>{{Cite AVEN|22895|post=640807|Science forum (moved from admods)}}</ref><ref>{{Cite AVEN|22895|post=641187|Science forum (moved from admods)"}}</ref>. The forum gained its current name when another another similar proposal, from May 2009<ref>{{Cite AVEN|40858|Rename PP&S (Moved from Admods forum)}}</ref>, suggested that "Religion" should be added to the title. This was never implemented, but the '''n'''' was dropped in favor of '''and'''<ref>{{Cite AVEN|40858|post=1288163|Rename PP&S? (Moved from Admods forum)}}</ref>.
==Hot Box==
{{Infobox forum
|name        = Hot Box
|number    = 25
|created    = October 2004
|moderators = sonofzeal
|access    = Registered account required 
The '''Hot Box''' ''(affectionately known as "HoBo")'' was created in October 2004<ref>{{Cite AVEN|4939|New Forum/Ideas}}</ref>. As the forum's description states, this forum is intended for "controversial discussions, heated debates, and topics that deal with serious material that may be distressing to some posters". A forum-wide disclaimer banner was implemented in January 2009, which was based on a pre-existing Hot Box banner.<ref>{{Cite AVEN|37754|New banner in the forums}}</ref>. Hot Box's visibility was altered in November 2011<ref>{{Cite AVEN|67763|Poll for Hot Box Visibility}}</ref>, viewing this forum now requires a registered account.
==See also==
*[[Forum Management]]
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