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The Discussion section was created in July 2012[1], mainly consisting of forums that were previously placed in the Community section. Up until recently, the Romantic and Aromantic Identities (previously known as "A/Romantic Identities") and Gender Discussion forums were placed in this section, prior to the creation of an Identities forum section in September 2013[2].


Forum Off-A
Number 16
Created July 2003
Moderator(s) .Lia
Access Publicly Accessible

Off-A was created and trialed in July 2003[3], and is mostly used for threads and subjects that aren't specifically related to asexuality. The Gender Discussion forum existed as a subforum of Off-A for a brief period in 2009.

Philosophy, Politics and Science

Forum Philosophy, Politics and Science
Number 4
Created May 2002
Moderator(s) Faeriefate
Access Publicly Accessible

Philosophy, Politics and Science (also known as "PPS") is one of AVEN's original forums, it was created in May 2002 alongside several other forums. A "science forum" was proposed in April 2006 [4], but the admod team concluded that the Philosophy n' Politics forum already encompassed this topic [5]. A similar proposal in March 2007[6] resulted in the admods altering the forum's name to Philosophy, Politics n' Science later in April[7][8]. The forum gained its current name when another another similar proposal, from May 2009[9], suggested that "Religion" should be added to the title. This was never implemented, but the n' was dropped in favor of and[10].

Hot Box

Forum Hot Box
Number 25
Created October 2004
Moderator(s) NeroTheReaper (co-mod), Randomchaos (co-mod)
Access Registered account required

The Hot Box (affectionately known as "HoBo") was created in October 2004[11]. As the forum's description states, this forum is intended for "controversial discussions, heated debates, and topics that deal with serious material that may be distressing to some posters". A forum-wide disclaimer banner was implemented in January 2009, which was based on a pre-existing Hot Box banner.[12]. Hot Box's visibility was altered in November 2011[13], viewing this forum now requires a registered account.

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