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|October 2012
|October 2012
|"Reports admin"
|"Reports admin"
|[http://www.asexuality.org/en/index.php?showuser=44718 Lia]
|[http://www.asexuality.org/en/index.php?showtopic=95636 November 2013]
|'' '''Present''' ''
|"Chatroom admin"
| rowspan="2"|[http://www.asexuality.org/en/index.php?showuser=622 Live R Perfect]
| rowspan="2"|[http://www.asexuality.org/en/index.php?showuser=622 Live R Perfect]

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This is a list of AVEN's former and present administrators. Currently, moderators and Project Team members are elected by the members of AVEN, and these moderators and Project Team members elect the administrators. Numerous dates are uncited as no publicly citable information exists, some information may also be lost or missing.

As the creator of AVEN, David Jay (AVENguy) is the "Root Admin". The Root Admin appoints Tech Admins, rather than organizing an election.

Member Appointed Departed Position
AVENguy May 2002 Present Root Admin
Coleslaw March 2008 Present Tech Admin
Doppel March 2012 August 2012 Tech/SysAdmin

Here is a complete list of former and present admins (minus the Root/Tech admins listed above)

Member Appointed Departed Position
... but there are sounds September 2011 February 2013 "Chatroom admin"
Aeireono December 2004 June 2005 "Europe/Africa admin"
Amcan July 2005 Present "Info/PR Administrator"
bard of aven Temp admin
Bipolar Bear December 2010 September 2011 "Info admin"
Cate Perfect September 2004 December 2004 Temp admin
February 2005 November 2005 "Head admin"
Derp (MacAttack) Temp admin
Fosco April 2009 July 2010 "SysAdmin"
GIR February 2013 Present "Chatroom/PM admin"
Goonie January 2006 March 2008
September 2005
Initially temporary
September 2005 January 2006
ithaca August 2012 Present "Projects Administrator"
KBRD143 September 2006 ??? 2006 Temp admin
 ??? 2006 December 2010
Kelly September 2006 December 2006 Temp admin
December 2006 Present "Account/Elections admin"
Kez December 2004 January 2006 "Oceania/Asia admin"
Larien August 2012 October 2012 "Reports admin"
Lia November 2013 Present "Chatroom admin"
Live R Perfect Temp admin
June 2005 July 2005 "UK admin"
NigelFt December 2010 September 2010 "Reports admin"
Nugan Temp admin
pawprint prettysure March 2010 October 2010
ratherdrinktea October 2012 Present "Reports admin"
SacredProfane Temp admin
September 2005 October 2005
Shivers/SpockJr Initially temporary
May 2005 March 2006
Shockwave December 2004 February 2005 "North/South America admin"
Tanwen Temp admin
April 2008 April 2009
The Evil Cashew Temp admin
January 2006 August 2006
February 2008 April 2010
September 2010 September 2011 "Chatroom admin"
winter January 2006 February 2008

Kez stepped down as an admin, and became a mod (again) rather than resigning entirely. Between 2005 and 2010, specific roles for administrators were irregular and mostly informal and unwritten.


No official administrator positions existed prior to 2004. Cate Perfect and Live R Perfect were both appointed as temp admins and served for a short period between September 2004 and December 2004.

Although administrators are currently elected by the forum management, this wasn't always the case. Infact, the following three administrators were publicly elected by the members of AVEN in December 2004

Member Appointed Departed Position
Aeireono December 2004 June 2005 "Europe/Africa admin"
Kez December 2004 January 2006 "Oceania/Asia admin"
Jeremy Adams (Shockwave) December 2004 February 2005 "North/South America admin"

By default, AVENguy was listed as an admin, pushing the total to four. These administrator roles were based on regions, or more specifically timezones. This was actually one of the few occasions were an admin was appointed to a specific role, though specific roles have since been reestablished in recent years.

A similar system was first proposed in October 2004, which was later adapted and set up. The voting system questioned and voted on in July 2006, with a majority voting in favor of keeping the system rather than replacing it with public elections.

Temporary admins were common throughout 2006, particularly towards the end of that year. They were usually appointed to combat spammers, moderators and later Project Team members offered to temporarily administrate the forums during these attacks. In recent years, no temp admins have been appointed, they're now unheard-of on AVEN.

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