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(This would be a good post for the AVEN forums but it does not belong in the informational section of the Wiki.)
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My name is Marilyn. I am 61 years old and I just found out that this thing as a name to it. I thougth there was something wrong with me. I know that I am asexual now and it has made me feel a lot better.  I have been with a lot of men in my lifetime. I started out with my father at an early age and after that I started going out with a lot of boys and men. Anyone I did not care who. to this day I have never had an orgasm without help from an toy. Never from a man. At times when he is eating me. I have been with women also. I have been into paid call girls thing and thing. Even though I did these things I never enjoyed them. Just did it. I have not had any sex with anyone in more than 9 years and never play with myself. I don't want to kiss. People think something is wrong with me. I am happy with myself now. This is new to me writing like this and all.

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