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Sexual orientation can describe a person's pattern of sexual attraction, in some cases, or in other cases, a broader array of sexual, emotional, and romantic feelings. The narrower usage of sexual orientation (more strictly related to sexuality) is more commonly used in the ace & aro communities, usually in order to distinguish it from other kinds, such as romantic orientation.

Sexual orientation labels include but are not limited to:

Many of the labels above are somewhat inadequate for genderqueer individuals, since they rely on the person they describe to be a specific gender. However it is not uncommon for a genderqueer person to use some of the above, such as asexuality or pansexuality. For those who don't feel that any of the above fit them, the following orientations were developed:

Sexual orientation
Asexual · Bisexual · Demisexual · Grey-A · Heterosexual · Homosexual · Pansexual
Kinsey scale · Storms' model · Asexual studies · Asexual behavior in non-human animals