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*Lady Girl
*Lady Girl
===Forum Moderators===
===Forum Moderators===

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The forums contain posts by the general AVEN membership, which is moderated and managed by the Admod (Administrator and Moderator) Team. Originally powered by phpBB (which is still used by many other alternate language forums), the English forums now run on Invision Power Board.

Admod Teams

(This team may be subject to reshuffling. Mods may be shuffled to other forums within AVEN, as well as team members stepping down. The moderators posses limited universal moderating powers, they can edit posts and threads the Site Info Center and Admod Archives. Admins can moderate all forums.)




Forum Administrators

Forum Moderators

Member Current position(s)
Kisa the Kat Announcements and Gender Discussions
Cosine World Watch**
iff Census; For Sexual Partners, Friends and Allies
ithaca World Watch**
Ben8884 Musings and Rantings
butterflydreams Asexual Relationships
NerotheReaper Celebration Time!; Romantic and Aromantic Orientations, and Hotbox comod
Randomchaos Hot Box (co-mod)
sealemon Just for Fun co-mod, AVEN Arcade co-mod
OptimisticPessimist Just For Fun, AVEN Arcade, and Open-Mic
.Lia Meetup Mart (including subforums)
SimplyAce Welcome Lounge, Tea and Sympathy
Faeriefate Questions about Asexuality, PPS, and World Watch
Tanwen Older Asexuals
TheAP Intersectionality, Questions about Asexuality (co-mod)
Homer Welcome Lounge and Teas and Sympathy

* Cicero retains editing and moderating powers within the Announcements forums; this allows him to pin his weekly news thread, AVEN Digest
** ithaca and CosineTheCat retains editing and moderating powers within the World Watch forums to work on the archive

Project Team

• Puck Answering Team and Wiki Coordinator
• michaeld AVEN Media Director
• Jarle Dedicated Research Contact
• kelico Director of Social Media
• Snao Cone Resources and Education Director

AVEN's forum sections
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