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Hallucigenia is a member of the Project Team (since the summer of 2007, when the original Project Team was created). She currently manages AVENues (with the help of Sam B.I., AVENguy, and a faithful team of beta-readers), this Wiki (under the Wikimaster account), and the weekly AVEN Digest. She also occasionally pokes her nose into other projects when needed.

Despite her wild popularity (and evident modesty) on the boards, Hallucigenia has never identified as asexual. She has flirted with the Gray-A label in the past, but no longer considers it a useful label for herself. Regardless of any personal identity crises, she supports asexual visibility and thinks AVEN is a pretty neat place.

Favorite AVENy topics include gray-asexuality, new or interesting identities and ways of classifying identities, general psychological oddness (related to asexuality or not), the nature of attraction, and fostering communication between sexuals and asexuals (and people in the middle). She also enjoys playing AVEN D&D and has won the Mafia game.


Hallucigenia is going into her third year as a cognitive science student from Canada. She also sings (sometimes for money!), writes stories, and roleplays a lot. She has Asperger Syndrome (actually diagnosed, not self-dx'd). For quite a while she also dated AVEN moderator sonofzeal.


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