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Hi all. I'm Apollo/Amanda That's my username on AVEN and I'd like to consider it my nickname :D My name I'm going by now is Apollo that will be my new transgendered name and hopefully I can stick with this one. Here is my profile about me.

His name is Apollo he's 17 years old. Apollo is having name picking problems at the moment but he feels now that Apollo is the one that fits most and will see how the name Apollo will go from here.

He's mostly an indoor nerdy person. He loves playing video games, studying languages, goofing around online, making video game spoofs on the computer and puting them on youtube, attemtping to draw, writing fan fiction about video game characters, playing on his guitar, playing on his keyboard, listening to music and singing along with it and everything of those sorts.

Apollo is gothic. He loves to dress in black, liks to paint his finger nails black, paints his toe nails black and white, puts on black eye shadow and black eye mascara. He loves the gothic theme like black roses, red roses, skeletons, grim reapers and all of the sort. He is not an emo gothic, He is working on helping himself to enjoy life and try to live it to it's fullest. Apollo is Christian - Evangelical Free and he is trying to live his life for God and he is trying to lead the life of a good Christian. He is not perfect he knows he is just as normal as everyone else.

He likes to write poetry once in a while, but usually it is just about sad heart-break love. When he's not writing poetry, he'll be writing fanfiction.

Apollo is shy, he is not outspoken on many things. About the only thing he will be outspoken about is his a/sexuality, his gender, or his video games.

He gets along good with his family for the most part, though they can tend to get on his nerves sometimes. On his nights-off from his chores or homework, he just likes sitting in front of the computer and he'll usualy be trying to make a video game spoof, messing around with his MySpace, posting on AVEN, listening to music and looking up different things. He enjoys watching movies and television with his brother and parents. His favorite shows are South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons and Futurama.

That is mostly all about Apollo for the moment.

Did anyone like my profile? Look at my writing skillz!!123 :P

Oh yeah. I'll list my older AVEN names I had before I changed it to Zato1




Now it's Zato1 :P