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(A)sexual (formerly known as Asexuality: The Making of a Movement) is a documentary by Arts Engine, directed by Angela Tucker. It focuses on the emergence of the asexual community and the lives of David Jay, Swank Ivy, and other asexual people, and includes interviews with Anthony Bogaert, Lori Brotto, and Dan Savage. Tucker was inspired to make a film about the asexual movement after reading a Salon article about asexuality and Jay in May 2005.[1]

A Kickstarter campaign was initiated in June 2010 to raise 10,000 USD to fund the editing process. It reached its fundraising goal on August 21, 2010, with a total of 11,073 USD raised by two hundred contributors. Tucker explained that because asexuality is a little-known topic, it was difficult to find funding for production[2] and there was another call for people in the asexual community to give donations through the Arts Engine website in March 2011. [3]

The documentary premiered at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco's Roxie Theatre on June 18, 2011 and has been shown in various other festivals, including New York's NewFest film festival on July 23 and 28 of the same year.[4][5][6] The film also screened at the NGLTF Creating Change Conference on January 27 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland, as part of the session on asexuality presented by Sara Beth Brooks and David Jay.[7][8]

The film is available on iTunes and screenings can also be arranged through Asexual Awareness Week.

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