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The AVEN Digest is a helpful weekly post on AVEN which provides quick links to important events all around the forum. It was created because AVEN is a very busy place; lots of interesting work in visibility and education, as well as media, general site announcements, and other information that AVENites will want to know, often gets lost in the rush of the forums.

Starting in June 2008, the AVEN Digest was also available in blog form. This gave it additional features, such as tags, so users could search by subject for past AVEN events.

At the end of 2009 the AVEN Digest blog fell into programming problems and as Cicero, who regularly does the AVEN Digest, felt no one had a problem with the lack of the blog, he left it and decided to fully concentrate on writing the AVEN Digest on the Announcements forum in AVEN, where most users would see it since a banner comes up when a new thread is made in that subforum.