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AVENues is a bimonthly publication from the asexual community. All content (articles, poetry, fiction, and more) is written by and about asexual people, combined with some of the best snippets of news and conversation from the AVEN forums.


To create a bimonthly newsletter, accessible both to AVEN insiders and people who have only recently heard of asexuality.

How You Can Help

Make some articles, poetry, creative writing, or artwork! Send it all to newsletter@asexuality.org. Be sure to also look for ongoing AVENues features, such as From The Forum, that need nominations or answers to a specific question.

Anyone is welcome to print out copies of AVENues and distribute them as they see fit.

Current Phase

(January/February 2016) is out and material for the next issue is being collected.



Current Staff: CosineTheCat

Previously undertaken by: Hallucigenia, Akiraluckystar, GoAllyGoGo, +Lee, and Strivna

Assistant Editors

Current Staff: scarletladitude, Nai, YingYangPandaMonster

Layout and Formatting

Layout Editor: Robin L

Previously undertaken by: scarletladitude

Project Team Contacts

Current Staff: N/A


Currently: N/A

Previously: Birdnerd, Carsonspire, Cicero, T_S

Other Contacts

David Jay