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Asexual Explorations is a website that exists to promote the academic study of asexuality. It is written to be useful to a wide variety of people interested in the subject. It is primarily designed for three audiences: academics interested in doing research on asexuality, students interesting in writing papers on asexuality, and people wanting a more in-depth understanding of asexuality.


Asexual Explorations was created as an outgrowth of (what is now named) Asexual Explorations Blog, written by mandrewliter. The site was announced to the public in February 2009, and had a bibliography of English language academic work on asexuality, suggestions for research topics, and a page on defining asexuality. One aim of the site was to preserve in static content from some series on Asexual Explorations Blog on the subject of defining asexuality that he thought were worth preserving. Also, by putting an actual name (A.C. Hinderliter) to these, he felt that they would seem more credible for others to cite.

Originally, the site hosted an article called "Methodological Issues for Studying Asexuality" which dealt with issues of relevance for studying asexuality, but that Hinderliter did not want to post on his blog as he thought most readers would find it uninteresting. This article was later taken down, and a shortened version was submitted as a letter to the editor in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, where it and a response were subsequently published.

Soon after the site was created, a page on disadvised research was added. In April 2008, announcements were made on Asexual Explorations Blog, AVEN , and Livejournal Asexuality seeking submissions to the site. A page on hosted articles was added, though only two outside submissions have been added to date (the other was a conference poster, which is linked on the bibliography page). In April 2010, a bibliography on Asexuality and HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) was added.

Further Information

As the site is updated, announcements are made on Asexual Explorations Blog, and new articles on asexuality are also periodically announced on that blog and added to Asexual Explorations' bibliography. If anyone is aware of an academic article on asexuality that is not in Asexual Exploration's bibliography feel free to email the contact info given on the site. Also, if anyone if is interested in having their work hosted on the site, please see this announcement.

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