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Note: This is not active now

Would you like to support AVEN?

Donate here.

We've managed to build an asexual community from scratch. All around the world, people connected through AVEN are working to put asexuality on the map. To keep everything humming we need to pay $120/month in hosting fees and cover the costs of things like educational pamphlets.

AVEN uses Paypal to accept donations, which support our server costs and bankroll other projects. Donations to AVEN are limited to $10.00/month for each AVEN member. Here's why:

  1. Taxes-Until AVEN achieves Tax Exempt status, AVENguy has to pay taxes on any donations recieved, and would rather not pay taxes on thousands of dollars that we don't have a use for yet.
  2. Building a Donor Base-When AVEN is ready to pursue higher-funded projects having a list of a dozen people willing to chip in $10 a month will be far more useful than know one person willing to chip in $120 a month. Building a broad donor base will allow us to build more easily in the future.
  3. Money is the Root of All Evil-AVEN does not currently have the organizational capacity to effectively manage large sums of money. Having money around that we do not have an immediate use for will invite inefficiency an could pose a threat to the stability of the community. If you have an idea for a project that requires money please put it here on ASEX and contact the Project Team, and we will discuss fundraising strategy.