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The New Zealand Herald (more commonly known as the NZ Herald) is a daily newspaper published in Auckland, New Zealand. Various articles and blog entries mention or focus on asexuality.

Shelley Bridgeman wrote an article published on 5 August 2007, titled "No sex please, we're asexual", which features quotes from AVEN member Sootmouth and several members of Asexuality Aotearoa New Zealand.

An article published in July 2004, "Asexuality in the spotlight", focuses on the asexual relationship between the protagonists of The Lighthouse. "Asexual people are not freaks of nature", which features an interview with author Keri Hulme, was posted on September 6th 2012. Another article published in September 2012, titled "Sexless orgies sate desire for cuddles", focuses on the concept of asexuality. There are also various articles focusing on the plot of TV2's Shortland Street, and former character Gerald Tippett's asexuality.

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