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The A-sylum was an asexual forum which was launched in early 2007. Started by AVEN member Derp, the site was originally intended to be a public version of the "Not Ready for Prime-Time" (a.k.a. "Off Your Nut") forum; an outlet for more "off-the-wall" asexual discussion and rants. The forum has strayed somewhat from its original intended purpose, seeing a number of serious political discussions, as well as silly ones. The domain is now used by another unrelated company.

"Strait-A" is a reference to the asylum theme of the forum, which features user ranks such as "outpatient", "sectioned", and "padded cell operator". The logo is intended to resemble a letter "A" in a strait jacket. This logo was more prominently featured on the site when it included a blog and wiki, which have since been removed due to lack of interest. However, the logo is still visible in the favorites icon, and on one of the available styles of the forum.

Notable Events

2007: In a shameless attempt to plug the site, an article on asexuals linking to The A-sylum was written for Uncyclopedia.

2008: The A-sylum received the equivocal honor of a brief write-up on Something Awful.

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