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Goal: To create a bimonthly newsletter, accessible both to AVEN insiders and people who have only recently heard of asexuality.

How You Can Help: Make some articles, poetry, creative writing, or artwork! Send it all to newsletter@asexuality.org. Be sure to also look for ongoing AVENues features such as From The Forum that need nominations or answers to a specific question.

Current Phase: Collecting material for Issue #15

Plan: In addition to continuing with bimonthly issues in English, we've got a new plan to start translating AVENues into other languages for international asexuals. Planned languages include German, French, Czech, and Spanish: if you are confident in your translation skills into an additional language, by all means drop us a line!

Anyone is welcome to print out copies of AVENues and distribute them as they see fit.

Editor-In-Chief: Hallucigenia

Beta-Readers: Birdnerd, Carsonspire, Cicero, T_S

Other Contacts: AVENguy

Need: Submissions, especially articles, creative works, and visual content!

Documents/Links: AVENues main page

First Issue

Latest Issue

Threads: Forum-Based List of All Issues

Translations Thread