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<center><big>'''[[Dive In!]]'''</big></center>
<center><big>'''[[Dive In!]]'''</big></center>
''If you speak German, you may prefer the [http://www.asex-wiki.de/ Asex-Wiki], managed by our counterparts in Germany.''
=== Pages of interest ===
=== Pages of interest ===

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Getting started

Welcome to the AVEN wiki. Everyone is welcome to [create an account] and help edit the wiki.

Before getting started, new users (even experienced wiki users) should review the Beginner's Guide to get a feel for the AVEN wiki.

Dive In!

Pages of interest

  • Asexual: A person who does not experience sexual attraction.
  • AVEN: The Asexual Visibility and Education Network, a Web resource striving to create open and honest discussion about asexuality among asexual and sexual people alike.
  • AVENwiki: A Wiki dedicated to creating easy access to information about AVEN and asexuality.